Christmas Cards 2017

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported our Christmas Card Appeal in past years either by purchasing cards or in some cases making a donation to the charity in lieu of sending cards.

Within the last couple of years, sales of Christmas Cards in general have seen a decline with increasing postal costs and the expansion of e-cards.  The costs of producing a new card is extensive and for this reason we have taken the decision once again, to not produce a new card for 2017 but to market our existing stock.  With donations declining, it is hoped our supporters will recognise this decision as purely a good way of utilising stock held from previous years and in doing so, saving costs.

Using the website as our main marketing tool will also save on the cost of producing a leaflet and associated mail-out postal costs.

Whilst many of our regular customers enjoy the launch of a new card each year and may recognise many, if not all, of our previous designs, we hope that you will have had a favourite and therefore will be able to support the charity by purchasing them once again. By selling existing stock we are able to pass on a reduction in the price of the cards and are now pleased to offer them at £3.25 per pack of 10.

We are offering a varied selection of superior original designs, both traditional and modern in style, with varying levels of stock per card. Remember, once they’re gone they’re gone! If you have a design you prefer, please place your order as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Please see  “Christmas Cards Through The Years”

If you cant decide, leave it to us! we are able to offer mixed packs of 10 cards at a knock down price of £2.99 per pack.

For orders over 200 please contact us regarding a reduction in price.

How Do I Order?

Please download the Order Form: XMAS-CARD-ORDER-FORM-2017 (2)

Indicate on the form which card number you would like along with the quantity required and not forgetting to add the corresponding post & packing price.

If you would like to make a donation please indicate on the order form and complete the declaration: Gift Aid Form