Since 1832, the Bakers’ Benevolent Society has been providing sheltered housing for retired members of the Baking Industry and Allied Trades and continues to provide independent living within its Almshouse scheme, Bakers’ Villas in Epping Essex.

In addition, the Society is proud to continue to support of outside beneficiaries around the country in the form of small charitable grants and pensions.

┬áCovid_19 – UPDATE

From 19th July 2021, in accordance with the lifting of Government restrictions, Bakers Villas have re-opened their doors and lifted their own restrictions on visitors. We ask that everybody continues to wear a face covering when inside the communal areas and continue with a high level of infection control and safe distancing. We are cautiously moving forward but if there are changes to infection rates we may have to re-introduce some of the earlier restrictions that we had in place. We also urge families when visiting, especially those that are particularly vulnerable, to take one of the lateral flow tests that are available free of charge from all pharmacies.

We thank everyone who has helped in any way during the months from March 2020. That includes assisting us with shopping, obtaining PPE and supplies, following our restrictions carefully and by taking our concerns seriously. We are forever grateful to the residents who helped and to our wonderful staff who pulled together to get us all through these difficult times.



For more information see our Mission Statement